"Extreme-design intends to positively impact the quality of life for people living in extreme environments."
Extreme-Design.eu is an international group for research and project, born in Europe.
We are researchers from a wide variety of fields who are looking for human-interaction solutions supporting cultural expression in extreme environments, particularly in outer Space.

The group joins the collaboration of: Thales Alenia Spazio, Politecnico of Milan University, Università di Torino, Mensch-Maschine-Systeme at TU-Berlin, yasmin (Leonardo/Olats);
and the support: Deutsch DAAD, ESA, ELGRA, COSPAR, DLR, IAA, MMS TU-Berlin, ILEWG.

Coordination: Dr.-Ing. Irene Lia Schlacht (PhD) is a researcher in Human Factors and Design for future innovations in extreme environments. She is coordinating the Extreme-Design.eu research group. She has taken part as a crew member and principal experiment investigator in Moon and Mars mission simulations and ESA weightlessness missions. She is a member of the IAASS Technical Committee for Human Factors & Performance for Safety, a Human Factors specialist for Mars Planet, the German Aerospace Center, and the International Lunar Exploration Working Group at ESA.