Marines that are isolated for long time under the ocean, scientist confined in antartica, astronauts subject at radiations as minier under the earth, are all cathegories that live in extreme environment. There is various level of extreme environment, also an office or an hospithal are in this category, elemnts as isolation from the society, confined space where to live, deprivation from the normal circadian rithm are present but in a minor form in comparison with the outer Space; that can be conseder the example with the maximun level of psycho-physiological stress factors. In extreme environment context we need to find project solution caraterised with a multidisciplinary approach, to garantee the user reliability and well being.

EXTREME DESIGN: branch of Design with a multidisciplinary approach that intended to increase the life quality in extreme framework at the limits of the human survival, finding project solution and supporting cultural expression. It creates projects proficient to solve the psycho-physiological stress factors created by extreme environment: - physical problems (radiations, different gravity or weightlessness body adaptation) - psychological conditions: distance from mother Earth, feeling of life risk (cause: space dust, meteorites… technical break down), stress. - confinement problems: dimensional (interior spatial restriction), temporal (mission time not easy be re-schedulable), social (groups dimension limitation), biological (abstention from the natural earthly stimuli).